ArchivGeiger, 2018, Foto: Oliver Heissner

This homepage provides information on the Geiger Archive, which opened in December 2010 on the occasion of the first anniversary of Rupprecht Geiger's death.

In the former studio rooms in Munich-Solln, the Geiger Archive looks after the artistic work of Rupprecht Geiger. The current presentation shows a selection of works from the series "Metaphor Zahl". Since the mid-1970s, Rupprecht Geiger has been intensively engaged with this complex of works. In painting, as well as in drawing and printmaking, series of works emerge that stand out on this theme in Rupprecht Geiger's oeuvre.  

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Das Archiv Geiger I
Das Archiv Geiger II

In addition to the sale of prints, we also offer public and individual archive tours, workshops such as screen printing or restoration workshops, art education for children, bicycle tours to the works in public spaces, and much more.

We are available for all questions about Rupprecht Geiger's work and life, for exhibition planning, appraisals/expertises, regarding inquiries about the acquisition of his works and their restoration, as well as for image material.

The Geiger Archive is increasingly concerned with the work of the painter and graphic artist Willi Geiger, father of Rupprecht Geiger.